After extensive testing we now release the tool that will settle lots of people's safety concerns. For those who have been holding back because of this, we would like to introduce our latest addition to the Flits ecosystem: The Flits Extraction tool to easily and safely extract your private keys.

As you all know, Flits is a non-custodial wallet. It is however not strange for people to expect some backup measures. You never know what happens. Today we fill this final gap in releasing the Flits Extraction Tool.

What is the technology behind the tool?

With Flits, all your keys are stored in one 24 word long seed, a so called mnemonic seed. The unique combination is converted to bits and bytes and can calculate addresses and private keys. It's a universal string, and multiple wallets support it. For those more interested about the technique in detail, you can read an article on HD wallets here.

With the tool, it also reads the seed, and shows all addresses and the private keys belonging to it, ready for import in your local desktop wallet.

Is the tool safe to use?

Yes - we give you lots of advices to prevent additional security issues at your computer, but the tool has no connection to servers or external resources, everything is compiled into one HTML file you can download and run in the browser. This way you can run the tool without any internet connection. The tool also doesn't save any data, so nothing malware can look for at your PC.

Downloading the tool

We have created a Github repository for the tool. This will be the only location where you can download the tool. We will never DM, e-mail or share this in any other way with you. Always check if you are at the official Flits Github (username is Flitsnode).

The link to the tool is here:

Always check if the URL starts with

Using the tool

We have made a small GIF on how to use the Extraction Tool. This is also integrated in the tool and madatory to watch before you can start using it.

Written instructions:

  1. Enter your Flits seed into the textbox
  2. Select the coin you want to extract the private keys from
  3. Copy the private key for the address you want to extract
  4. Go to the debug console in the desktop wallet of the coin, and enter "importprivkey copiedkey", where you replace copiedkey with the key from the tool

We hope the Flits Extraction Tool will give all of you the last bit of security you require to be conviced you are using a safe and solid product. For questions about the tool, please don't use the in-app support, but try the Telegram and Discord group. When you do, beware of the scammers who try to "help you".