In the background we are working hard on delivering the new Flits 3.1 update for December. We have some exciting features coming up and also sadly we have to remove trading and staking.

Point of sale

We had some members in our community requesting a QR code function. This is a good idea to use the app to pay and we decided to take it even further.

You will be able to use QR codes to both pay and receive coins. This will be available for every coin on Flits. You are also able to turn "Point of sale mode" on which gives you a more advanced screen where you can add products and use the app as a actual Point of sale device. How cool is that?

Flits Web

At this moment we are working very hard on releasing a very cool feature which will make it possible to see your Flits wallets on your desktop, while maintaining the same security as you are used to at this moment.

You need to scan a QR code with your Flits app, and this will link the browser to your phone. You can now see all your coins and nodes. To send coins you have to verify this on your phone before the coins will be send. It will be safe and easy to use your Flits account everywhere.


In the next update we will implement AutoStart. This system will make it possible to start the masternodes automatically when they are ready to. We do this by temporarily saving the masternode start message, which is signed on your phone, on our servers. This is safe as the start message is already signed with your private key so that won't be stored on our server.

Layout improvements

After some time of testing and gathering feedback of users, we plan on doing some design updates. There will also be more information buttons for the user to make the app more suitable for new users to the crypto or masternode space.

The fee section will be moved to "Personal" and you will also be able to see the fee transaction history.

The update is set to be released after Christmas