Since Flits version 3.2, we have implemented the Ambassador program. With our Ambassador program we invite you, as a statisfied user of Flits, to invite your friends and contacts in the crypto space to start using Flits. Because we greatly appreciate that, we also reward you for it.

How can I use the Ambassador program?

You can use the Ambassador program if you use Flits version 3.2 or higher. From your Dashboard, go to the "Personal" tab, and then press "Ambassador Program". You can copy the link and share that with others.

What are the possible rewards I can earn?

At this moment we have the following model:  

If you have referred 1-9 users, you will get 2.5% of all fee deposits
If you have referred 10-24 users, you will get 5% of all fee deposits
If you have referred 25+ users, you will get 10% of all fee deposits  

Please note that only fee deposits that are higher than €2 in value will count. The reward will be paid immediately once we received a deposit, to either your BTC or your FLS wallet.
This is the first version of our Ambassador program, please note that rewards or terms may change

I have a very popular social profile, like Twitter, Telegram or a Discord group, are there offers for me?

If you are a (micro)-influencer, we can provide you with a custom link. Currently the app creates a link like, we can provide you with a link like Depending on your reach and the number of users you refer, we can make you an offer. Please contact us at or in the livechat for further inquires about the subject.  

I have another question

Please contact us through the livechat, or e-mail us at