What is Encocoin ? →
The Encocoin project is an initiative to transform and migrate international trade (import and exports) financial instruments and payment system to distributed blockchain technology instead of the manual paper based cumbersome bank guarantees, letters of credits and real estates holding documents currently in practice. Encocoin consists of dual blockchian technology (XNK and EPG) to facilitate easier, faster, more secure and private business dealings.

Vision Of Encocoin Team →
Encicoin team is working towards bringing Encocoin to be used by agencies such as banks, customs, shipping companies, freight forwarders, clearing agents, insurance companies, respective manufacturers, suppliers, warehouses, traders, merchants etc. By using Encocoin all parties to the Federated Consensus will be able to update and authenticate real-time information on the status of the goods and other relevant data, the buyer can then plan further movement of goods once received in his warehouse and can also manage his fund flow effectively. Some of the areas where EPG will be used are -
Standby Letters of Credit
Guarantees & Indemnities
Clean Collection Bills Management
Factoring & Forfaiting
Pre-Shipment & Post Shipment Finance
Trust & Delivery Receipts.
MSME & SME cross border financing

Features of Encocoin →

Fast Dual Blockchain
Permissioned And Private
Secured Trading
Low Fees

Role of EPG (Encocoinplus) →

EPG is introduced in the Encocoin project to facilitate private transactions and self executing contracts. All transactions on EPG network are private, hence they cannot be viewed nor accessed by other prople. Only people participating in the transactions can view them. Each individual party involved in the transaction acts as a node to validate transactions specific to the trade. All nodes have to validate the transaction for it to be considered completed and payment executed. EPG will have at least 1 collaborating bank to handle the interface between crypto and fiats on the network. The EPG network uses chaincode and is capable of processing 1 million transactions within minutes

EPG Coin Metrics →
Maximum Supply: 40,000,000
Premine: 0.5%
Block Time: 60sec
TXN Confirmation: 6 blocks

Market Performance →
EPG is currently listed on Crex24, Dexdelion, Birake and Exchange Assets for trading. It made an all time high of $37.12 on Jan 11, 2020 and an all time low of $0.33 on Jan 31, 2020. Currently it is being traded at $0.736295 and is down 14.8% compared to the last 24 hours and has a trading volume of a little over 1100$.

Masternode Reward Structure →
EPG has a tiered masternode structure and all the coins being used in a masternode have to be locked for 365 days.

Tier 1: 1000epg collateral
* MN Reward =1.448epg
* Dev Reward = 0.55epg
* Timelock Period = 365 days.

Tier 2: 2500epg collateral
* MN Reward =5.148epg
* Dev Reward = 0.55epg
* Timelock Period = 365 days.

Tier 3: 3500epg collateral
* MN Reward =7.548epg
* Dev Reward = 0.55epg
* Timelock Period = 365 days.

Masternode ROI →
Prior to the change in masternode collateral there were about 60–70 masternodes on the EPG network and the ROI was around 75 days. The collateral has been increased from 550 EPG to 1000 EPG but so have been the rewards from 0.84 EPG to 1.488 EPG (for tier 1) so I would expect similar ROI for tier 1 masternode. Tier 2 and 3 masternodes are new with no previous reward history but since they give better rewards than tier 1 (compared to the amount of coins locked)I would expect better ROIs for tier 2 and tier 3 masternodes.

Fast Dual Blockchain allows instant payments

Tiered masternode allows even users who have less coins to participate and earn rewards

365 days of time lock for masternodes protects users from huge sell offs in the market

Encocoin platform protects people against unethical practices in business deals

The epg network using chaincode is capable of processing 1 million transactions within minutes

Official EPG Links →
WEBSITE : https://encocoin.net/
Discord : https://discord.gg/gcyJqJt
FACEBOOK : https://m.facebook.com/encocoin/
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/EncocoinE
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/joinchat/GI_Dd0NojqSbugdC_IPvVg
BITCOINTALK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5214203.0

Conclusion →
EPG is targeting a real need in today’s world i.e. trust issues between business parties and is solving them through providing self fulfilling contracts on the Encocoin blockchain. This technology is going to be very useful and will be utilized across the world in supply chain management in the coming years. EPG is also listed on many crypto tracking websites which gives it a wide coverage and EPG gives everyone a chance to participate in their masternode system by having a tiered structure that requires different amount of coins to be locked up.