Blockchain technology makes everyday life a lot easier for everyone by providing instant and low fee transactions to any place in the world with the click of a button and without the need of any intermediary like banks but then why isn’t it being used by everyone already ? What is stopping new people from using crypto as a mode of payment and why are the majority still using traditional banks that use 40 year old technology for remittances and charge hefty fees just for changing a few numbers in people’s accounts ? The biggest hurdle is ease of use. Almost everyone needs help in making their first crypto transaction and many people end up losing thousands of dollars even if they make a slight error. And for this reason it takes some time to get comfortable in using this tech even for the people who use computers everyday. But Divi is developing products that makes it really easy for anyone to use this form of payment. Let us take a look at how Divi is achieving this.

Named Adresses With Pictures — 
Crypto addresses are a long string of random numbers that are impossible to memorize and do not make any sense when you look at them, this just makes it look complex and scary for the new non tech user. And while sending a transaction if you change any of the characters in that long string by mistake your funds will never reach the right recipient. But Divi allows you to attach a name and picture to your address so that the sender can enter your name instead of the long complex string and can even see your picture to make sure the funds are being sent to the right person.

WhatsApp and SMS Wallets — 
Now this is just ingenious, whatsapp is the most downloaded application on mobile phones and if you send the message “address” to the number “+50640001948” you get a deposit address that you can use to fund your account and you start staking automatically. You can send DIVI to your friends or family on their mobile number even if they do not have a DIVI wallet and they automatically start staking too. There is no fee to stake there and since it pool staking there is no minimum amount required to stake either. This is a very good way to introduce someone to the world of crypto and since they are used to earning a very small percentage of interest on their bank deposits they are bound to fall in love with it when they see an APR of 25% staking rewards on the coins you just sent them. Head over to for more info.

1 Click Masternode Hosting — 
Installing a masternode is a gruesome process for beginners and requires a long and difficult to understand list of steps and even when followed correctly often ends up giving errors. So Divi devs created MOOCCI (Masternode One-Click Cloud Install) which allows users to deploy masternodes on any computer or a cloud vps with a single click.

Crypto To Fiat And Vice Versa Conversions In Divi 2.0 — 
Currently if you want to but any altcoin you first have have to make an account on a BTC - FIAT exchange and then deposit your money there. Then buy BTC and send it to an exchange that has a market for the alcoin you want to buy. Not to mention you have to pay fees at every junction in this process. In the new Divi app you will be able to instantly exchange between DIVI, Bitcoin and FIAT right in the mobile app. This app will also have features like locking funds for a specified period of time so that you can’t spend them and making payments at a specified date and time.

Automatic Fee Calculation — 
We all know the story of the man who paid 236 ETH for a failed ETH transaction in 2017. Divi wallet prevents this by calculating fee automatically depending on network requirements and there are are inbuilt safeguards that prevent the fees from going higher than a set number of coins, which of course you can change anytime.

Very Simple and clean Wallet — 
Divi has made a wallet that is very simple to understand and use. The soon to be released mobile wallet will be able to hold multiple crypto currencies. And your

Other Exciting Features Of DIVI —

Tiered Masternodes — 
Divi has 5 levels of masternodes so that investors of all sizes can participate and earn the benefits of passive income.
Copper: 100,000 DIVI
Silver: 300,000 DIVI
Gold: 1,000,000 DIVI
Platinum: 3,000,000 DIVI
Diamond: 10,000,000 DIVI

Lottery System — 
Every week 10 people earn a huge reward of 25,200 DIVI coins each and 1 person earns a life changing amount of 252,000 DIVI coins. This is a great way to make people to hold on to their coins and is the reason why most of the coins are locked in staking and masternodes.

Charity —
Divi has allocated 1% of each block reward for charity.

On Road To Become The XRP Killer ?
This is where things get really interesting. Divi team has bought a remittance company in Costa Rica that allows them to open local bank accounts in Costa Rica for their users. Users can even get a debit card and fund it directly from their Divi app (yet to be launched) and spend it anywhere in the world. How is this the xrp killer ? According to Nick Saponaro the chief information officer of Divi they can drive transaction fees down to even 0 if they wanted to which would force competitors like xrp out of the game since xrp still uses technologies that require a fee for transactions. And with Divi transactions nobody would have to rely on remittance companies or banks that loot people by charging big fees for overseas payments. And like I mentioned before people will be able to instantly convert crypto to fiat and vice versa. Now most of the people in the world do not yet realize the impact of what is said above so let us look at why it will be a game changer.

According to World Bank the total amount of remittance in 2019 is equal to US$573 Billion and out of this US$422 Billion went to developing countries that involved 250 million migrant workers. For some countries remittances get as high as a third of their GDP. Global average cost of sending money is 8% but can go as high as 20% in countries like Africa. 8% of US$573 Billion is $45.84 Billion so in essence Divi has the potential of solving a $45.84 Billion problem here. A person who earns a small amount of money cannot afford to pay $30 for sending $250 back to his family in his hometown. Let alone all the formalities he has to follow and even then it can take a few days for the money to reach its destination. So if there is an emergency his family can get in deep trouble.

USPs Of Divi — 
Youtube chanel and blog with weekly update
Simple wallet with lots of advancd features
Very experienced team
Name and picture registrations to wallet addreses
Instant crypto to fiat and vice versa conversions
Overseas bank account option inn Costa Rica
Whatsapp and SMS wallets with free staking
Free weekly lottery for stakers and masternode owners
1% of block reward goes towards charity

Block Reward Sharing —

Masternode ROIs —

Copper : 100,000 DIVI
ROI : 24.16% / 1511 days
Masternode Worth : $3,900.31 / 0.40200 BTC

Silver : 300,000 DIVI
ROI : 31.82% / 1147 days
Masternode Worth : $11,828.47 / 1.21800 BTC

Gold: 1,000,000 DIVI
ROI : 32.64% / 1118 days
Masternode Worth : $39,428.24 / 4.06000 BTC

Platinum: 3,000,000 DIVI
ROI : 33.39% / 1093 days
Masternode Worth : $118,284.73 / 12.18000 BTC

Diamond: 10,000,000 DIVI
ROI : 31.41% / 1162 days
Masternode Worth : $394,282.43 / 40.60000 BTC

The point to be noted here is that the higher the tier of your masternode, the higher will be your chance of winning a lottery.

Market Performance Of Divi — 
Since its inception Divi has seen a steady and healthy growth in both volume and price. There haven’t been sudden pumps and dumps and the price has been on an uptrend for the past 1.5 years. Divi is being traded on 5 exchanges at the moment and around 90% of the volume is on Bitrue. 24 hour trading value amounts to just over $340k and according to coinmarketcap Divi has seen a rise of over 600% in price since it got listed there. It had an All Time Low of $0.001028 USD on Jun 09, 2019 and an All Time High of $0.044520 USD on Jun 05, 2020. Currently it has a marketcap of $69,699,390 USD at the trading price of $0.040626 USD and circulating supply of 1,715,628,452 DIVI coins.

DIVI Team —

Geoff McCabe CEO

Geoffrey McCabe - CEO and Co-Founder - The Divi Project | LinkedIn
A lifelong entrepreneur, Geoff has built a series of businesses in a variety of sectors. His current focus is building…

Michael Greenwood CTO

Nick Saponaro CIO

Conclusion — 
Divi is one of those hidden projects that outshines many other crypto and non crypto companies through its amazing products and real world solutions. There is no shortage of talent or funding in Divi and it has the potential to become one of the most useful crypto projects in the near future.

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