Bitcoin Token focuses on making all your transactions very fast and very low fee. Bitcoin has become very slow and expensive to send which makes it unattractive for everyday use and and sending smaller transactions.

While it takes at least 10 minutes and over 0.5$ to send a bitcoin transaction, Bitcoin Token does it in just 3 seconds and requires a fee less than 0.01$. Apart from that, after 21 million BTCT have been minted each transaction will burn 0.0001% of the total supply.

About The Project

This project started in November 2019 as a culmination of several other projects including Mero Currency, Doge Private, etc. These coins were all swapped to BTCT (Bitcoin Private) at a fixed rate. This resulted in the BTCT community becoming one of the larger communities in the crypto world. To give you guys an idea they have over 17.2k followers on their Twitter account and more than 21.9k members on their telegram chat. This is an open source community run project and there is no central team, anyone can contribute to the project and if majority agrees it will be implemented in the blockchain.


Type: Proof of Stake
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase): 21,000,000 BTCT (0.0001% burn after max supply is reached)
Premine: 5,000,000 BTCT
Masternode amount: 10,000 BTCT collateral
Masternode Reward (block 3–525600): 8 BTCT MNS / 6 BTCT POS

Market Performance of BTCT

BTCT is currently being traded on 2 exchanges with 4 trading pairs in total which are as follows:
Crex24 Exchange Pairs: BTC
Altilly Exchange Pairs: ETH / USDT / XQR
Coinkeeper Exchange: Coming Soon

BTCT is currently being traded at 0.10448$ and has 24 hour trading volume of 725.15$, with 99.93% of it being on Crex24. It made an all time high of $0.141199 USD on Feb 17, 2020 and an all time low $0.000282 USD on Dec 12, 2019. This is a fairly new coin with little price history but the recent crypto market spike has resulted in a spike in BTCT price too which I see as a positive sign.

Masternode And Staking Rewards

The masternode and staking rewards are fixed at 8 BTCT and 6 BTCT repectively until max supply of 21,000,000 coins is reached. This is expected to be reached in 3 years from the date of launch which will mark the end of BTCT mining. Currently there are around 2526 active BTCT nodes(these are full nodes, not masternodes) most of which are run on Raspberry Pis.

Masternode and Staking ROI

Amount Required for Masternode = 10000 coins
Daily ROI for Masternode = 30 to 48 coins (0.3% to 0.48%)
Monthly ROI for Masternode = 900 to 1200 coins (9% to 12%)
Annual ROI for Masternode = 10680 to 17088 coins (106.8% to 170.88%)
Total Number of Masternodes = 290
So you are expected to get your initial investment back in 208.33 to 333.33 days based on the current difficulty.
If you market buy 10000 BTCT right now coins from Crex24 it will cost you around 118$.
Recommended Amount For Staking = 1000 coins


Fast Transactions - (3 seconds)
Low Transaction Fees - (Less than 0.01$)
Will become deflationary after 3 years when 21 million coins are minted -(Each transaction will burn 0.0001% of the total supply)
Huge Community - (Their Bitcointalk page boasts of having over 240k combined followers on all their social media forums)
Very Energy Efficient - (Does not require costly mining hardware or huge electricity bill to mine)
Most Of The Nodes Are Run On Raspberry Pis

Important Links

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Coin Price Sites:


Since this is project is born out of the culmination of several other projects it has good development support behind it and also has a huge community for this very reason. This being said if the price of BTCT holds or goes up in the future, 106 to 170 percent is a very very good return on investment. And the staking will only last for 3 years. Maybe that is why the total number of BTCT nodes is rising daily, the current number being 2526 whereas on 12 November 2019 there were only 60 nodes live.