This is a list of the top ten masternodes listed on Flits that had the most gains in price in the last week. The gains showed in this table are inclusive of masternode rewards.

Gains for top 10 masternodes listed on Flits range from 36.1% for the first spot to 0% for the tenth spot. None of the top ten have suffered any losses.

Alqo takes the first spot with a gain of 36.10%
Followed by DIVI (mid) with a gain of 26.70%
Third place goes to XZC with a gain of 25.61%

Phore also recorded over 20% rise in its price in the last week. MALW, SCAP, WGR, SIN, and FLS gained between 0–10%.

ESBC sits at the tenth spot with almost no change in its price over the last week.

If you are running any of the masternodes listed at the top of this list then you’ve had a very lucrative week. We are looking forward to how these will perform this week and who will rise to take the top spot.

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